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market analysis software for consumer insight

Market Analysis Software

With the most reliable, robust software on the market, Allocate and Solocast, our proprietary mapping interface, MapInSite, and the best analytic plug-ins, Alteryx, DriveTimes, Geocoders, you can pinpoint your best solution and see it.

Industry Leading Data

Industry Leading Data

The most accurate demographic and geographic data available comes pre-loaded in Allocate, Solocast, Guzzler and Analytic Apps. Output data in any format, and call us for unparalleled expertise and service!

Featured Data Application

Featured Application

CRIME RISK DATA FROM AGS: Insurance companies use underwriting guidelines to evaluate client risk. They rely on CrimeRisk data from AGS to measure crime risk. How can CrimeRisk data help you?

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Access the widest selection of data, use the fastest, most powerful engines, and map it for a visual representation of your data.

Know your markets.
See where they are.
Find MORE of them!

MapInSite is a vital decision support tool for marketers and real estate professionals in advertising, retail, restaurant, real estate and financial services.

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We are consumer insight experts. Our priority is to find your best result with the right data, top-tier technology and industry-best customer service.

How are we different?

Allocate and Solocast provide a deeper understanding of the marketplace and are indispensable market analytical tools. When combined with customer origin data, they dramatically refine location searches.

Rainer Mueller,
CEO, Williams Fresh Cafe

How are we different?

We don’t force your questions to fit the answers we sell. Plain and simple.


Partial information only gives part of the answer, and you can’t base great decisions on pretty close. We have our pick of data from many data providers. So you can ask us bigger questions. Ask us specific questions. Combine your data with any variable (population, income, number of households etc.) and drill down to any geography. Take those results and customize them more to get even closer to your customers and to better understand your markets.

That’s how we are different!

The top companies in retail, finance, media, real estate and telco rely on our custom reports and custom trade area maps.


Whether you want to understand more about your markets,
more about your customers or find your next great location,
we have a scaleable solution.

About Us

We offer easy-to-use, affordable online and desktop access to accurate market intelligence. Powered by Alteryx, we partner with software and data providers who enhance and support our broad-export solutions. We’re proud to offer the industry’s best customer service and 30 years of combined expertise!

“We understand who our best customers are in every region of
the country and we market to
them accordingly.”
—Suzanne Jones, GIS Analyst, M&M Meat Shops Ltd.