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How do we make you a hero?

We connect you to the widest selection of data out there.

We plug you into the fastest, most powerful engines.

We customize how you see your results:

Map it.

Report it.

Make a table.

Want to know your average spend per customer and what they’ll buy next time?


As consumer insight experts we connect you to the right data, the right platform, and industry-best customer service.

The right business decisions come from using the right analytic tools.


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We have the best tool box in town:

Prep, blend, and analyze all data to deploy and share deeper insights in hours—not weeks.

Perform quick and accurate demographic analysis with the industry’s best demographic databases.

Understand the demographic cluster profile of any database: customer data, survey data, or the population of a geographic area.

An Online map-based tool designed for analysts, marketers, and real estate pros to gain insight into their location-specific market research activities.

Happy customers.

"Allocate and Solocast provide a deeper understanding of the marketplace and are indispensable market analytical tools. When combined with customer origin data, they dramatically refine location searches."


Rainer Mueller

Former CEO, Williams Fresh Cafe

"Allocate has been an indispensable part of our real estate and marketing departments. It has provided us with insight every step of the way and has guided our site selection and relocation efforts. Through the use of Solocast we understand who our best customers are in every region of the country and we market to them accordingly. RSI redefines customer service. They are the easiest company to work with because they go the extra mile every time you have a question or need assistance. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They know their industry really well and keep us updated on new products or any changes that we need to be aware of."


Suzanne Jones

GIS Analyst, M&M Food Market

"Everyone wants software and data. Everyone needs software and data. Given those two things, it is easy to sell software and data. What separates RSI from the rest is their unparalleled customer service and knowledge of their products. I have worked with RSI for the past 10 years and their service has always been incredible, timely and consistent. I am not aware of any other service provider that is on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They keep us well-informed of the newest product offerings in the market and come equipped with innovative solutions for all of our data needs—big and small. As RSI stays industry leading, they help our business stay industry leading."


Rosemary Villaroel

Managing Director, Retail Analytics, Novus Canada

This is Hemingway.

He’s the only child of two driven CEOs. He loves them ham bones from the market on Third. But he hardly ever gets them. Sadly, he lives in a neighborhood where dog owners are 4-5x more likely to buy premium dog food.


How are we different?


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We don’t force your questions to fit the answers we sell. Plain and simple.

Partial information only gives part of the answer, and you can’t base great decisions on pretty close. We have our pick of data because we work with a broad range of data providers. This means you can ask us bigger questions. Ask us specific questions. Combine your data with any variable (population, income, number of households etc.) and drill down to any geography. Take those results and customize them more to get even closer to your customers and to better understand your markets.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

—Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen

Understand more about:

1. Your markets
2. Your customers
3. Your next great location

We have a scaleable solution.

How are we different?

We’re a bunch of data geeks who like to spread the love of data around. Our software can handle what you throw at it, and we back our products with industry-best customer service.

The top companies in retail, finance, media, real estate, and telco rely on our software tools and data expertise.

A must-read for anyone serious about data.


“We are excited by the results of this study, as it validates our goal to make data blending and analytics accessible to everyone.”

Rick Schultz

Senior Vice President, Alteryx, Inc.




There's too much data out there. Focus on the data you need.

And get home on time, Office Hero.

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We offer easy-to-use, affordable online and desktop access to accurate market intelligence. Powered by Alteryx, we partner with software and data providers who enhance and support our broad-export solutions. We're proud to offer the industry's best customer service and 30 years of combined expertise!

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"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding."

—MARSHALL MCLUHAN, Canadian Communications Professor

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